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Our Competence

In our many years of practical work in various branches and positions, we have learnt to think entrepreneurially solving critical situations with creativity and emotional intelligence to the highest legal standards.


We have comprehensive legal expertise in all areas of civil law and excellent knowledge of business law, particularly in all areas that are important for advising companies and participants in economic life.

These are in particular labour law, corporate law, commercial law, inheritance law, the entire field of real estate law and general civil and civil procedure law, including execution.



We place the highest legal standards on ourselves, possess many years of experience as lawyers and have proven our competence in the above-mentioned areas through respective titles of specialisation.


In our many years of working as attorneys, we have established a strong focus on advising media companies, dental and medical companies, the educational sector, medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises, energy companies, retail businesses as well as the real estate and investment sectors.


We supplement the legal assessment with an entrepreneurial approach. Because we know the questions of our clients not only from the legal consulting practice, but also from our own experience as entrepreneurs, managing directors, supervisory board members, authorized signatories or association judges. We incorporate this knowledge and understanding into our work as attorneys, facilitating economic and pragmatic solutions.



  • Dr. Dr. Robert D. von Morgen has been a partner and managing director of a medium-sized company in the health sector for many years and is also a managing partner of a real estate company.

  • Carl-Christian von Morgen has been an authorized signatory of a medium-sized fashion company since 2005 and was chairman of the supervisory board for many years.

  • Niels Eberle brings in the perspectives he has acquired through his work in an international auditing company and the tax law experience he has gained in the process.

  • Carolina von Morgen worked for many years as managing director and authorised signatory in the book publishing industry and is managing partner of a family business in the real estate sector.


In addition to their legal qualifications, all four founding partners have additional strong competences that allow them to think outside the box.


In addition to Dr. jur., Dr. Robert D. von Morgen is also Dr. phil. (English language and literature),

  • Carl-Christian von Morgen is a lawyer and Magister Artium of philosophy.

  • Niels Eberle was a successful musician before becoming a lawyer.

  • Carolina von Morgen is a lawyer and Magistra Artium in Spanish.


Finally, we have profound foreign language competence, allowing us to advise in English, French and Spanish.

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