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Labour Law

  • Drafting of employment contracts, works agreements and collective agreements

  • Protection against unfair dismissals

  • Limitation and deferral of employment relationships

  • Data protection in employment relationships

  • Works council law

  • Right of co-determination in supervisory boards

  • Company pension schemes

  • Litigation in employment law


Company Law

  • Foundations of GmbH, UG, KG, OHG, GbR, AG

  • Articles of association for GmbH, UG, KG, ohG, GbR, AG

  • Capital increases

  • Managing director service contracts

  • Conversions (demerger, spin-off, merger, change of legal form)

  • Purchase and transfer agreements (share deal, asset deal)

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Disputes between governing bodies, in particular concerning the dismissal of managing directors

  • Exclusion of shareholders and redemption of shares

  • Litigation in corporate disputes


Inheritance Law

  • Drafting of last wills and contracts of inheritance

  • Inheritance disputes in communities of heirs

  • Assertion of compulsory portion claims and legacies

  • Execution of wills

  • Representation towards executors of wills


Commercial Law

  • Negotiation and drafting of supply contracts

  • Drafting of general terms and conditions of business and delivery

  • Advice and representation in connection with commercial agency contracts

  • Assertion and defence of commercial agent compensation claims

  • Enforcement of claims at the commercial chambers

  • Litigation in commercial disputes


Intellectual Property Rights

  • Copyright

  • Publishing law

  • Competition law

  • Trademark law

  • Price maintenance law

  • Personality law / press law


Real Estate Law

  • Advice for real estate buyers and sellers

  • Production and review of real estate purchase contracts

  • Representation and advice of Spanish, French or Italian buyers towards German notaries including advice during the investment phase towards German brokers and banks

  • Enforcement of claims in case of defects of purchased real estate at German courts


Commercial Tenancy Law

  • Drafting and negotiation of rental agreements

  • Advice on the termination of tenancy agreements

  • Actions for possession

  • Litigation in commercial tenancy law


Data Protection Law

  • Data protection in the employment relationship

  • Privacy and homepage

  • Data protection towards customers


Sports Law

  • Representation of sportsmen and sportswomen of all kinds

  • Representation of sports agencies, sports associations and sports clubs


Contract Law (General) and Civil Procedure Law

  • Drafting and advising on contracts (e.g. purchase contracts, leasing contracts, franchise contracts, loan contracts)

  • Drafting and reviewing general terms and conditions (AGB)

  • Representation before the civil courts


Enforcement and Receivables Management

  • Dun

  • Order for payment and action

  • Enforcement of enforceable claims in foreclosure proceedings

  • Defence against execution

Areas of Expertise

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