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Economic legal advice


We are a supraregional law firm with offices in Berlin and Hamburg.


We comprehensively advise and represent companies operating nationally and internationally in private commercial law. The exchange of goods and services regulated by private economic law is governed by the provisions of the German Civil Code and commercial law (HGB, GmbHG, AktG, GenG, UmwG), the labour law regulations (AGG, AEntG, ArbSchG, ArbZG, BetrVG, BUrlG, DS-GVO und BDSG, EntGFzG, GewO, KSchG, MiLoG, MitbG, MuSchG, SGB, TVG, TzBfG), insolvency law (InsO, AnfG) as well as the provisions of industrial property rights (UrhG, MarkenG, PatentG, GeschmacksmusterG u.a.), with which we have dealt on a daily basis for many years and with extensive experience.


We are familiar with our clients' issues not only from our legal consulting practice as attorneys specialized in civil law and specialist lawyers for labour law, corporate and commercial law and inheritance law, but also from our own experience as entrepreneurs, managing directors or members of  supervisory boards. We incorporate this knowledge and understanding into our work as attorneys, facilitating economic and pragmatic solutions.



We combine our expertise in the fields of employment and corporate law as well as in inheritance, commercial and real estate law to provide the best solutions to complex problems.


In the fields of insolvency and tax law, we work together with highly specialised law firms complementing our expertise.


Wirtschaftliche Beratung

Labour Law


In labour law, we advise both employers and employees, workers councils and co-determined supervisory boards. Our spectrum ranges from dismissal protection litigation to actions for time limits, damages and salaries and to disputes related to the works constitution and co-determination law. We advise employers and workers councils on drafting and reviewing model employment contracts, advising on restructurings and closures of operating units as well as negotiating company-wide agreements outside and in conciliation bodies.

One emphasis of our work is the counselling and representation of executives.


We also advise companies on compliance violations and on internal investigations into suspected criminal offences committed by employees.


In addition, we have advised numerous companies on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have considerable experience in the field of Data Protection Law.

Finally, we have substantial experience in the area of occupational pension provision, as shown by lawsuits brought against IBM and the Berlin Public Transport Company BVG by Attorney Eberle.


Company Law


We advise in all areas of corporate law with a very high level of competence and experience, which  the specialist attorney titles of our responsible partners show. Our expertise includes but is not limited to formations, share deals, restructurings and transformations (demergers, spin-offs, mergers, changes of legal form) as well as asset deals. In this area, we support our clients in the respective negotiations and draft or revise the relevant agreements (e.g. articles of association, purchase and transfer agreements, management service agreements).


In addition, we advise and represent shareholders, board members and managing directors in disputes with co-shareholders, co-managing directors and supervisory or advisory boards. This includes advice and representation in advance of and at controversial shareholders' meetings as well as in subsequent court proceedings (e.g. nullity and rescission proceedings and proceedings concerning confiscation, exclusion, dissolution, resignation and termination). 


Inheritance law

In inheritance law, our highly specialised office in Hamburg, headed by Dr. Dr. Robert v. Morgen, a
specialist in inheritance law, advises and represents heirs and joint heirs comprehensively with the
highest level of legal competence and experience. In Berlin, Carl-Christian von Morgen also advises
on inheritance law. We advise clients both in the drafting of wills, including transfers by way of
anticipated succession in the context of corporate succession, in inheritance contracts and in
disputes following inheritance, for example the assertion of compulsory portion claims, disputes
between communities of heirs and conflicts with executors.

Dr. Dr. von Morgen is also a certified testament executor.


Media Law


Many of the companies we advise come from the media industry. Our clients in media law are publishing houses, radio stations, schools and artists of all disciplines. We advise them comprehensively in all areas of media law, starting with the acquisition of rights, marketing through licensing, distribution, but also employment law by drafting secure employment contract solutions with regard to the transfer and granting of rights.


In competition, trademark and copyright law, we represent authors, creators, designers and inventors as well as companies in shaping and safeguarding their interests. We also assist them in defending against and enforcing injunctive relief claims in summary and main proceedings under civil law. Finally, we safeguard our clients' general personal rights.


Real Estate Law


In real estate law, we advise our clients starting with legal support in the search for a suitable acquisition object by drafting brokerage agreements, advising and representing buyers and sellers in the negotiation and conclusion of notarial real estate purchase agreements. We also advise on building and developer agreements, assist with the implementation and execution of these agreements - including representation in any court proceedings. We even provide legal support in the marketing of the real estate, in particular in the drafting, conclusion and execution of (commercial) rental agreements.


Receivables management


Based on our many years of experience, both our paralegals and our lawyers offer an extremely effective service in the prosecution of claims, from the first and last reminder to the order for payment and the action up to the enforcement of the titled claims in execution. We offer a fair remuneration system in which we participate economically in the risk of the enforceability of the claims out of court and within the framework of the dunning procedure.

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