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Our vision


We believe that excellent legal advice has to integrate economic and practical as well as psychological and emotional aspects while maintaining the highest legal quality.

We understand that many legal disputes are actually based on unresolved interpersonal conflicts. We are furthermore convinced that in order to achieve practicable and satisfactory solutions to conflicts clear legal and economic analyses are indispensable tools for success.


We work with the conviction that the best solutions can be found when we are prepared to leave the beaten track and take unconventional paths. This mindset opens the door to creative solutions based on in-depth legal comprehension.


That is why we are relentlessly working to reimagine our way of dealing with others in business life and to question our own goals and traditional patterns of behaviour. We firmly believe that business relationships flourish when they are not only strategic and geared to one's own advantage, but when they are based on mutual respect and respect  the personal needs and perspectives of everyone involved.

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